Electric Update

I stretch while my leg is electrocuted…


With my new medication, I am almost able to do a demi plie. The ligaments and tendons are probably now fully healed. Most of what’s left are these lingering issues with the nerves.

The nerves that control the inside of my foot/ankle are non-responsive so I can’t move or feel the inside of my foot or toe. This has caused the arch to drop and I’ve developed tarsal tunnel syndrome, and this inflammation is putting more pressure on the damaged nerves.

So I am on heavy-duty anti-inflammatory meds as well as meds that supposedly help repair the nerves. The dr. said that I’m looking at about a year until I’m “healed.” That is the inside of the ankle.

Addressing the pain (*excruciating*) on the outside of the ankle and leg and middle of the arch, the swelling, the redness, and the perpetually cold foot: Apparently I also have some stupid nerve condition called RSD (or CRPS?) which may or may not be permanent. (I’m personally voting for the “may not be” category…)

It feels like the steroidal Barry Bonds is thwaking my ankle with a baseball bat whenever I flex my ankle past 90 (which is why the demi plie is a major goal…) or try to releve or try to move my ankle bearing weight.

So there’s more meds for that.

I am happy and so relieved, though, that I found a decent neurologist.

I have lots and lots of people rooting for me and I am healing and getting stronger everyday, not to mention my already high pain threshold has entered the stratosphere.

I miss dancing more than I can possibly describe. I am trying to stay strong and flexible because I am confident that I will be back.