This actually means nothing.

I had a “progress” check-up with my orthopedist at NYU, whereby he maintained that my issues now are mostly neurological (a fact agreed upon by all doctors who are not paid to lie by insurance companies) and there is still not much an ortho can do until the CRPS/RSD goes into remission and until the muscles remember how to fire again.

He was primarily concerned about the disfunction (er, no function) of the posterior tibialis, which is causing the lateral foot rotation and arch to drop, subsequently causing the tarsal tunnel syndrome. He also recommended that I see an ankle specialist if/when my CRPS/RSD has gone into remission.

So, his report and diagnosis is pretty comical in light of the “ruling” two weeks ago and they might actually cause more problems for me than they solve.

As an aside, I told him all about the IME thrift store doctor and he asked if my leg was “shaking like this” at that visit, he asked if my leg was blue/purple, he asked if it was “this cold,” and he asked if he measured for atrophy (“even though it’s clearly visible”).

My answers were obviously all yes, and my leg was actually worse last Feb. than it is now. He just rolled his eyes and shook his head.




Today, a judge decided that I am, in fact, not entitled to treatment and/or medication for RSD/CRPS and/or tarsal tunnel syndrome, despite the direct, obvious cause being a certain specific fall, despite the clear diagnosis by 2 orthopedists, a neurologist, supported by two ultrasounds, an emg, and an mri.

I am feeling overwhelmed, very lost, and completely uncertain about the future.

But, rest assured, all of my hope has not been lost…

If nothing else, I will maintain steadfast hope that there is a special corner in Hell for two bit insurance-commissioned thrift store “doctors” who sold their hippocratic oath for a few hundred dollars and a falsified testimony.