I Am Resolute

I am often asked how I “cope” with the drastic change of lifestyle since my accident, how I maintain hope, how I stay positive.

A stupid accident has indeed taken seemingly everything from me: my livelihood, my ability to dance (for now…???), my home, my savings, my independence, my dignity, my pride.

But, when nothing is left, when the pieces of one’s life have shattered into dust so fine that they can’t be put back together again, when all that remains are memories and an intimidatingly blank future, I will openly admit that I am incredibly lucky.

I have known happiness. I have known peace. I have known moments so pure that everything in the world disappeared.

Times are hard. I have no clue how (or when) I will be able to start over, but I am resolute that my future, just like my past, will contain happiness, peace, and many more carefree perfect moments.

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