Vignettes: Neurologist Check Up and Sympathetic Nerve Block

I went back to NYC for a routine follow up with my neurologist and for my first in a series of sympathetic nerve blocks.

The neurologist said my CRPS/RSD was “unchanged” since my last visit 3 months ago, but was hopeful for positive results from the nerve block.

The nerve block procedure was not fun, by any stretch, but the results were definitely worth it. The doctor said that it was a success. The next step is to work on a treatment plan, schedule a series of more injections, and hopefully drive the CRPS into remission. Or at least significantly decrease the severity.


My hope is high and fingers are crossed.

So, today is the day…

So, today is the day, and I am truly overwhelmed by the love, kindness, and support that you guys have given to me over the past few days. With your help, I am 100% ready to get this done.

It is not such a big deal, and I am drawing on the strength of those of you who have had this same procedure done multiple times in the past. I have reminded myself that this is not a heart transplant, or brain surgery, I do not have to be reconstructed, I don’t have a chest tube, and my accident was not nearly as severe as those of you who are reaching out to me.

I feel a little bit guilty for ever being a sissy about it…

This is merely “deep tissue acupuncture,” comparatively speaking.

I found a nice little cartoon that demonstrates the procedure for those of you who have asked questions. Love to you all. Let’s do this.