So, today is the day…

So, today is the day, and I am truly overwhelmed by the love, kindness, and support that you guys have given to me over the past few days. With your help, I am 100% ready to get this done.

It is not such a big deal, and I am drawing on the strength of those of you who have had this same procedure done multiple times in the past. I have reminded myself that this is not a heart transplant, or brain surgery, I do not have to be reconstructed, I don’t have a chest tube, and my accident was not nearly as severe as those of you who are reaching out to me.

I feel a little bit guilty for ever being a sissy about it…

This is merely “deep tissue acupuncture,” comparatively speaking.

I found a nice little cartoon that demonstrates the procedure for those of you who have asked questions. Love to you all. Let’s do this.


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