Vignettes: Neurologist check up and 2nd Sympathetic Nerve Block

I flew back to New York City for my second sympathetic nerve block and a neurologist check up.

The second block was emotionally much easier because I knew what to expect. My doctor used a thinner needle which took longer, but was slightly less painful. She also made the injection at L1L2, instead of L3L4 where she made the first injection.

There was one moment when I had to remind the doctors that I was fully conscious and perhaps they, for my benefit, could find a different way to say things like “scrape the vertebral processes.” Otherwise, the procedure went well. My doctor still maintains that I am a good candidate for remission and told me to keep up with my rehab.


My neurologist was pleased with the result of the block. He concurred that it appeared to be doing its job and agreed that if I may see remission if I stay focused on rehabilitation and therapy.


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