It Helps to Have a Hero

Mary Fran Wiley is the one person I look up to most in the world these days. I’ve never met her in person; we met in a Facebook ballet forum. She is the reason why I haven’t quit Facbook. She is a ballet dancer. She is a tap dancer. She works. She has CRPS. She quietly fights every day to maintain the sense of normalcy that most people in the world never have to think about.

As CRPS awareness month draws to a close, I realize that I’ve been a horrible messenger. I’ve been practicing the art of hiding my tears, my struggles, my frustration, and my pain. I’ve been practicing polite, concise responses to the questions about my leg (careful not to mention the blows to my psyche) as the nerve block wore off over the past few weeks.

So now, I ask (beg) you to please read her story. She explains so well about the challenges I face and what I will have to face in the future (she is about 4 years ahead of me on this road with the chronic, incurable condition). Mary Fran has brought me immeasurable hope that I can fight to have a “normal” life (and wear pants) again, despite being debilitated by CRPS.


2 thoughts on “It Helps to Have a Hero

    1. This post has actually only been here for about a week. I have been sitting on this site for over a year, under the misguided delusion that I could get the graphic design portion of my old business back up and running… Some of my family and friends suggested that I start a blog about my “situation.” A couple weeks ago, I decided to use this site for the blog. I’ve been taking past content from other areas and reposting it here. I copied this post from my FB post and backdated it in WP to reflect the date of the original post. Thank you for your encouragement. It really means so much to me. ❤


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