Some Days are Better Than Others

So, yeah, I have this incurable degenerative nerve disease that I am trying to battle into remission. Most days are bad days, but I’m very good at hanging tough with my chin up and a killer f*ck this sh!t attitude. Most days, it isn’t too difficult for me to laugh at ridiculous things and find abundant joy in the world.

However, some days are very very bad days. My leg completely fails me, rehab is impossible, and the crushing pain makes me seriously consider cutting off my leg with a butter knife, or at least trying to find a way to rip this God-forsaken fibula out of my body…

On these days, which really don’t happen that often, I just need a little extra compassion, perhaps a little extra attention that doesn’t come in the form of me doing favors for other people. I just need the day off from putting on the act and trying to suck it up. And if all else fails, maybe try a hug. Oh yeah, that’s right anyone who might give me a hug is 100s, no, wait, 1000s of miles away. GoGoGadget arms…? I know that it is a huge burden, I really do…

But if I message you out of desperation and you’re uncertain how to respond, please try silly selfies, photos of cute sleeping puppies or children, promises that it will get better… If you’re still unclear, here is a list of the types of things that are not at all helpful:

-“I do not envy you in any way.”
-“Have you thought about joining a support group?”
-“Life sucks. We adapt.”
-Any comment relating to Donald J. Trump
-Asking me to tutor you in trigonometry…

Thank you for listening ~JP

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