Vignettes: Third Sympathetic Block & Another Neurologist Check-up

This week, I went back to New York for my third sympathetic nerve block and another neurologist check up.

The nerve block went very well. My pain management doctor said it was one of the best that they’d ever done and that she wanted to put my images in their Hall of Fame because the needle was perfectly placed.

The doctor added a steroid to the cocktail to try to prolong the effect of the analgesic. This may have been the last time they will do this procedure. Depending on how long this block lasts, the next step may be something called radiofrequency ablation. I googled it, and it does not sound like fun. But, it sounds like more fun than the next next step (to which I hope I never get): the spinal cord stimulator. I left the appointment with my images (for framing), packets about the procedures, and an informational dvd.

My appointment with the neurologist was after my nerve block procedure. He said that he can see some very slow improvement in the lateral rotation of my foot, and is hopeful that the boot may be slowly working to correct the alignment issue in my ankle. He said I was walking “a little less like Charlie Chaplin.” Our goal is to avoid surgery, and he said that it is promising as long as there is any amount of improvement, no matter how small. “It may take forever, but it will happen.”


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