Quarter Time Girl

One of my swimming friends is a remarkable woman. She is a former tennis pro. Injuries took her profession many years ago. Like me, she swims as therapy for her chronic injuries. She now relies on one of her other talents for income. She is a pianist and teaches piano to children.

We like to talk about music and how it relates to our lives.

Today, she was asking me about my stroke timing.

I said, “Four kicks per stroke, four strokes per breath, and I am happiest if I can swim a length in 16 strokes. Recently, I’ve been doing 17 strokes. It’s driving me crazy. I like it to be square.”

Then she smiled and said, “I understand. You’re a quarter time girl.”

I told her that I was actually thinking about changing to 18 strokes per length, but then I would have to take a breath every six strokes, and maybe even switch to three kicks per stroke. But all that seems like a lot of change; I don’t really like change.

We made a joke about 6/8 time signatures. Then our little break was over and we both started swimming again.


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