Vignettes: Fifth Sympathetic Nerve Block, Finishing What was Started, and More Ballet

I went back up to New York again last week.

The first order of business was to complete the unmentionable thing that was left unfinished a couple weeks ago. Can’t talk about it…

Next, was another visit to my pain management doctor for my next lumbar sympathetic block. The blocks only last a few days and taper off within a few weeks, leaving my CRPS back at the starting point. Remission from the blocks is starting to look like a very remote possibility.

Before the procedure, I asked my doctor more about the radiofrequency ablasion (RFA) treatment we had discussed several months ago. She said I was a good candidate, but without health insurance, the procedure “would certainly be cost-preventative.” She recommended that I continue having the nerve block injections, as long as they provide relief.

And then the procedure. It went well. “Another one for the Hall Of Fame,” my doctor said.  She told me that there was “just something” about the anatomy of my back and spine that lend themselves to consistently “near perfect” lumbar sympathetic blocks… Uhm… Thank you???

And I also made appearances at two ballet classes! I was able to do most of the barre, and about half of centre. I tapped out after pirouettes. And let’s be honest. I didn’t actually pirouette… but still… Just being in class, being with my favorite teacher, hearing the music, feeling part of something, released a bit of my pent up stress, and renewed my spirits immeasurably.

Then, because my leg was feeling OK from the nerve block, I made my way downtown to see Jordan Matter’s Dancer’s Among Us exhibit. Ironically, I my visit was during the last weekend of the exhibit. And, I was lucky enough to meet one of the “tiny dancers among us” who was visiting the exhibit with her mother.

“And oh, if you knew what it meant to me…”


3 thoughts on “Vignettes: Fifth Sympathetic Nerve Block, Finishing What was Started, and More Ballet

  1. This video is my favorite of favorites so far. Made me cry and feel in this episode along with you. Beautiful song. I LOVE your face when you are in ballet class. A glowing expression of victory and peace. I look forward to your next post! (even already knowing what’s in the next chapter) ;P


    1. This trip, this month, it is just beginning to become clear to me how deeply heartbroken I am… and these little things, tiny freckles of joy on a landscape of struggle *mean* so much to me… The expression might be an attempt at peace, but it certainly isn’t one of victory… victory would be no more CRPS and a normal life… but going through the motions of going to a ballet class grounds me and releases a significant portion of the stress and frustration. You know what’s in the next chapter?!? Are you Miss Cleo??? Hahahahaha. But yeah, I’m working on that next post (along with 9 other posts in various stages of completeness). Thanks for the support. I really do appreciate it. 🙂


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