Cycling Series: F*ck it. I’m going riding.

I’ve been talking about riding my bike twice around the neighborhood for a very long time now. And there will always be a million reasons not to do something. For example:

  • It is a zillion degrees (Fahrenheit) outside.
  • I almost vomited in the pool this morning because of the heat.
  • My leg hurts.
  • My ankle hurts.
  • My hip hurts.
  • My back hurts.
  • I can’t find my sunglasses.
  • The padding in my helmet disintegrated.

But I am just so dang tired of not riding. Today, I said, “Fuck it. I’m going to ride.”

And I put on my favorite kit, wore my luckiest cycling socks,


and made my decision: a slow ride is better than no ride. And goddammit, I did it. Twice around. 5.8 miles.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 1.04.34 AM

And apart from being overheated, I don’t feel any worse than I did before.



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